Monday, December 30, 2013

Crabby New Year!

I find myself generally annoyed at this time of year - every year - and I haven't quite figured out why.

Christmas overload? Unhappiness with progress during the year that's about to end? Twenty million emails about sales before Christmas, followed by twenty million more advertising post-Christmas sales? Not sure... but I am ready for it to be January already.

Coming up? TNNA and CHA. I am not sure whose bright and shining idea it was to schedule both trade shows the same damned weekend in the same damned state but a two hour drive apart, but there you have it. At least I don't have to fly to California twice? So I will be in California from 1/19 - 1/15, toodling back and forth between Anaheim and San Diego. The upside I am looking forward to is that all of this driving time increases the likelihood that I will be able to eat In N' Out burgers, with any luck more than once. It does cut into my hanging out with friends and talking about yarn time, but I am trying to be very good about scheduling this time so I don't miss too much.

Are you a yarn/craft/distributor/catalog type and need to see me? Please email me and let me know so I make sure we can do that!

Most recent magazine placement? These luscious crocheted plaid pillows in Knit Simple, Winter 2013 issue.
Photo Credit : (c) Jack Deutsch

I am pretty pleased with myself about how they came out. I have been experimenting with various ways to make surface crochet easier for people to do, and the plaids (there were three - maybe one fell off the bed?) take advantage of cleverly placed ch-1 sps so your lines are perfectly straight, and your stitches are perfectly even.

Most recent Hooked for Life pattern? Actually there are a few more coming out soon but the one that seems to be getting the most buzz is Mosaic Tile Wrap. (that's a link to the Ravelry page, nothing scary!)

Photo credit: (C) Mary Beth Temple for Hooked for Life

Mitered squares, tons of richly colored Koigu KPPPM in five colors, and it's currently gracing the cover of the December update of the Patternworks catalog. I am pleased by this for two reasons - one, cover; two - crochet on the cover! I am much less of a crochet activist than I used to be but I do get my hooky jollies on every now and again when I feel like crochet has made an inroad or two into the gen pop.

Can you believe that's Little Loopy modeling? She is going to college in the Fall of 2014 - wow, right?

2014 Resolution #1 - If your book is not for the benefit of a charity I support, or you aren't a close friend, I will not be contributing anything. Life is too short for multi-author books.

2014 Resolution #2 - I want to get my mailing list/newsletter back up and running. Stay tuned to see if I make any progress!

Wishing you and yours a Happy (not Crabby) New Year!