Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sorry guys -

I have to put comment moderation on - getting hit with tons of comment spam since I started posting again and that bugs me!

Still in St. Louis - the trip was great, but the airline dropped the ball and I couldn't leave tonight as expected. Home tomorrow though, then vacation from the 20th through the 27th of July.

Well sort of vacation - not much internet and no podcast and no appointments, but I did have some yarn for a deadline shipped directly to the hotel so I can make a model for a magazine while I am there!

Thanks to all of you here in Missouri who made my trip so terrific!


Sherry said...

I just found your blog. I'll look forward to reading you. I'm a loom knitter and am always happy to find other yarn addicts out there!

joos said...

I need info. I am crocheing your shawl, "One Step at a Time", in the book "The Crocheted Pray Shawl Companion"; however I seem to have hit a snag. The instructions are not clear beginning with Row 6, chain 18, then work shell in next ch-2 sp., etc. doesn't work. Please help!

MBT said...

There is a mistake in the pattern as shown in the first edition of the book Crocheted Prayer Shawl Companion, not on the individual download. It is posted several places online, but here is the correction, in case you haven't found it elsewhere - I apologize for the mis-print!

Errata: a line of type is missing at the end of Row 5. It should read -
”…Ch 3, turn at end of Row 4; end off, turn work at end of Row 5.”
At the start of Row 6, you ch 18 (as specified), work across the top of the Row 5 as directed, then ch 20 and turn. You wind up with a long chain on either side of the row.