Saturday, November 21, 2009

In which I am vaguely amused...

Sorry for no pix this week - it's been a rough week here. LL mangled a tendon and cannot dance in the Irish dance regional finals next week, which she has been working towards all year. We are both very sad about this, as is her new coach whom I adore, but at the end of the day she doesn't have much choice. When you are 13 though, "there's always next year" seems like the worst sort of platitude. But there is - there is always next year, even if the poor kid thinks it will never come.

On the upside - she is getting more sleep and I am getting more work done.

With all of this emo sort of background going on you will see why I was way more amused by this morning's pattern writing adventure than I might normally have been. I wrote:

"Rep Rows 9 and 10 for pattern until work measures 6" from underarm BO"

Underarm BO - hee!

I changed the wording to start of underarm shaping....