Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Llama kisses :-)

This is Wisteria, New Jersey's tallest llama. She is a real sweetie and SO soft. Here she is sharing some quality time with her owner, whose name, sadly, I did not get. She is stooping down to reach him, she is THAT tall! That was at the Garden State Sheep Breeders' show a couple of weeks back. We had such a great time there - can hardly wait for next year!

Busy, busy as usual. Finished up a large editing project, blasting out some new patterns for Hooked for Life, doing the Getting Loopy podcast, and making some models for upcoming magazine and multi-author book projects. Come next spring, I will have stuff everywhere!

LL blew out her ankle - again - on Sunday. Not too terrible this time, but annoying nonetheless as it delays her training for the Irish dance regionals in November. Think maybe THIS time she will be more motivated to do her PT exercises? Me either!

Will post some pattern pictures later in the week as they become available, happy stitching meanwhile!


CherylinMtl said...

LL, DO THE EXERCISES! They really help. Trust me. I'm there. My ankle has been strapped for 4 weeks now because this is the 3rd sprain in 5 or so years. Do the stinking exercises or you will continue to have the same stinking problem over and over again. I hate it. It sucks, it feels stupid, it seems like it can't possibly help but do the PT exercises. They really make a difference. Air casts aren't sexy after the first time. You know we love you LL. We want to see you dance and dance and dance.

Anonymous said...
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