Tuesday, February 10, 2009

No pix,

but a funny story.

So last Friday, LL and I were planning to hit the highway and go visit Grandma Loopy in South Jersey - it was one of the cousins' fourth birthday party, and who doesn't like birthday cake? To make the most of the ridiculously high NJ Turnpike toll (don't get me started!) I figured I would pay a little sales call to an LYS I love while I was down there - tell them about my new books and class, see if they wanted to order some patterns, and just general sucking up on my part.

Anyway, in the interest of not packing frantically at the last minute (like we normally do), I took the small rolly suitcase containing the H4L models and look book, along with a stack of cruise flyers to hand out, outside to throw it in the trunk well before we had to leave. Sadly, I didn't bring the car key with me so I went back inside to get it.

Time passes and LL calls and asks me to pick her up from school so off I go. Totally forgetting that the small suitcase was sitting behind the car. So I run over it, nd it jams itself under the car.

Still haven't figured this out yet so I am driving down the block wondering what the horrible dragging sound is - did I hit a branch or something and not know it? I pull over to look under the car, see the suitcase, and try to tug it out. No go. So I drive a couple more blocks, zigging and zagging, figure this will dislodge the suitcase. Still no go. So I sit and I ponder and I wonder how long it will be before LL calls to ask where in heck I am, and I spot a smallish snow bank from when the roads were last plowed. Eureka! I gun the poor little Ford up the snow bank, do a little dash from the driver's side to the passenger side, and yank out the now unstuck but dirty and disgusting suitcase out from under the car, throw it in the front seat, and run off to school.

What makes this even funnier is that Middle Sister did something similar (she didn't smack her suitcase but left it behind) a few months back and I laughed and laughed. Karmic payback is a bitch, and the bigger sisters always win!

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Ellen (fiibmgirl) said...

I need that laugh today. You don't need pictures, I have a perfect vision and I can't stop laughing................

Ellen AKA fiibmgirl...............