Saturday, January 24, 2009

I'm baaaack!

And freezing my butt off! What started out being planned as a simple trip to San Diego for TNNA took a turn for the better when I got the opportunity to go to Rosarito Beach in Mexico for a few days ahead of time to interview various artists in their studios. It's jobs like that that make me love what I do!

This is the view from my room - I stayed at the Rosarito Beach Hotel, which started construction in the 1920s, went through various and sundry developments over the years, and had its most recent addition completed just last year.

This is the view from the pier seen above - the early part of the hotel is to your left, the part where I stayed is the squat building in the center of the photo (I had just about the center room) and the behemoth in the background is the new condo hotel, which I got to tour. All of the parts are wonderful in different ways!

I stayed two nights, and as I said, spent all of my time meeting local artists in various disciplines, which was incredibly cool. Oh, and crocheting, I spent a lot of time crocheting because as usual I was a day late and a dollar short on an afghan I had promised to deliver to Premier Yarns in time for the CHA show, which I think starts tomorrow. I did in fact get it finished, although not in Mexico, but I will show you that one when the pattern gets published. Anyway.

Everyone kept telling me it was unseasonably warm - I sure wasn't complaining about 75 degree weather and beautiful ocean breezes - but I really loved what you see below.
The sunsets were unbelievable!

More from TNNA as I have time - I am still trying to get organized on all of my various projects! Getting Loopy is back in the saddle this week - please join us!

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