Monday, January 12, 2009


Here is Rosewood, the latest pattern from Hooked for Life. It is crocheted in a bamboo ribbon yarn and comes in three sizes - XS/S, M/L and XL/2X.

I went from the relative peace of New Year's weekend to crazy busy getting ready for TNNA. And no I get an email from a friend in San Diego who warns that the weather there is odd - 80 degrees in the afternoon and 40 degrees after dark! Not sure exactly how to pack for that - I am not a dress-up/grown-up clothes kind of person, so my conference-suitable outfits are somewhat limited.

Off to finish knitting a sweater, will try to blog from CA but no promises!


trek said...

Layers, layers, layers!

BTW, today is Delurking Day so I'm making sure to leave a comment on every blog that I visit.

Comment, comment, comment!

And have a great Delurking Day: may you receive a bumper crop of comments.

Anonymous said...

It hit 89 or so here today, and hour north of SD!

Nichole said...