Monday, December 15, 2008

A little Christmas knitting

While I was trying really hard not to over schedule on gift knitting this year (for a change), I discovered I didn't like not having ANY Christmas gifts to make. So I did a little stash diving, and a little list searching, and came up with a few things that I would like to make that the recipients would also enjoy receiving.

I finished up the Eros Glitz scarf I showed you in a previous post. I wanted to use up the whole skein of yarn, but I got bored and ended it off at about seven feet long! Now I have to put the extra away, which is why I wanted to use the whole skein - I don't want extra! Ah well, boredom won out over clever, as it so often does.

Then I started these. I have a friend and neighbor who sincerely enjoys getting handmade gifts, so I love making things for her. Last year I made her a Calorimetry from and she loved it. I had enough of the yarn left over (Sheep Shop Sheep 3 in a photos-don't-do-it-justice semi-solid orangey-red) to make these cozy wrist warmers to match.

The pattern is from The Purl Bee blog, and they are called the Greenaway Gloves. I may make a pair for LL too - they work up very quickly in sport or DK weight yarn on size 5 needles, and lord knows there is enough yarn around here that I should be able to stash dive for something LL would wear.

LL is having her first real "grown-up" Christmas and is not sure how she feels about it. There is a very expensive gift that she wants, and I told her she could have it for Christmas if I didn't buy anything else for her except stocking goodies. On the one hand, she really wants the big gift, on the other, she has always had a million presents under the tree and is not real sure how she would feel about one. After much pondering she decided on the one big gift. I, of course, am scrounging around for coupons and things to make and bargains so that I can have a few small things to wrap without blowing the budget. Sometimes it's hard for us both to grow up!

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