Friday, November 07, 2008

My new guide to life...

Feng Shaun: Discover Inner Peace with Shaun the Sheep

I have read lo these many self help books and have gotten something useful (and a few good guffaws) out of most of them - but I think I have finally found my guide to life. Who if not Shaun the Sheep should tell me to relax and be happy? Wallace and Grommit and a few sheepy friends also make guest appearances.

This book takes about 14 seconds to read, but it was worth the ten bucks for the smile it brought to my face. I saw it in an LYS the other day and couldn't leave without it!

Dance hell this weekend for Little Loopy, shawl hell for me as I have a large shawl to finish for Caron Yarn. At least with the teachers' convention in NJ today, LL and I could sleep in.

Have a great weekend -Feng Shaun: Discover Inner Peace with Shaun the Sheep

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