Thursday, October 16, 2008

More Stitch n Pitch

Cat put up her newest episode of Let's Knit 2Gether a very well produced video podcast. All of use from SnP are wandering around, and there are some great shots of Little Loopy (light purple coat, cream and purple fringed scarf which she knitted herself!) Go check it out!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Another busy weekend

It was Mom-mom Alpaca's 87th birthday this weekend, and since she likes the beach best in the whole wild world (which is where I get it, I suppose) Little Loopy and I hauled butt down to Wildwood to take her out for dinner.There ferris wheel was still going strong even though it's October. I love me some Wildwood boardwalk. LL and my sister AJ were not all that interested in riding rides, but I had to take a spin on the swings - my all time favorite ride. When I worked at HersheyPark two trillion years ago, I rode the swings almost every day. When you combine a swing ride with the boardwalk, you just can't make me much happier, unless I could figure out how to knit or crochet at the same time.

Speaking of crochet -

Here we have the Universal Yarn version of All Tied Up. This is made in Fibra Natura Heaven, which is a merino/silk blend. It is lighter and smaller than the original, but still big enough to tie into a great big knot, which was the point. Now that the remakes are almost all finished I am finally getting going on some new stuff - pix as soon as I am able.

Oh, and LL would like you all to know she got a hard earned 10th place trophy on Saturday. The hardware blight has ended, amen :-) Seven weeks until regionals, three more local competitions on the meantime.

Back to work...

Monday, October 06, 2008


All Tied Up

This is the newest of my patterns from Hooked for Life, LLC. I have a slightly smaller version coming out soon, but being tall I like this one best.

I got the idea for it when a few of the Big Damn Knitters on Ravelry (knitters and crocheters who are fond of the Joss Whedon show Firefly) were talking about a shawl worn by the character of Saffron. Now that I go back and look at the original photo, this shawl is only a distant cousin of the one in the show, not exactly a twin, fraternal or indentical. And I didn't reference the name of the show on the pattern because that seemed to by copyright infringement to me. But for those of you who are Firefly geeks like I am, you might notice a slight familial resemblance.

Knitted some baby socks last week, but the baby was only visiting for a short while so I had to tuck them in his bag before I got to take a photo of them. Bad blogger, bad bad bad. Not much else on the knitting and crochet front.

Irish dancing is sucking up LL's life - and mine - at least until the regionals are over Thanksgiving weekend. She is having a good time though - me - not so much :-)

Off to do Getting Loopy tonight - hopefully some fiber forward movement tomorrow.