Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Phew! Home again, and to stay,...

... at least for a while. The camera is suffering from a personality disorder and I am still too fried to try to deal with it right now, so I will post, but sadly no pix.

First off I have an announcement to make. The artist formerly known as the Kid or Kiddo has decided she wants a different online name. She is now and forever after to be known as Little Loopy. If you had seen her helping me run the podcast on Thursday night when we did the live remote from the Guilds conference you would know why. I was a little shorthanded and she just took charge - helping new buddy Kim Kotary (go buy her book You Can Crochet Socks right now - it's fab!) keep the show going under somewhat chaotic circumstances. We did 18 guest live on the air in 60 minutes, despite technical glitches, overhead loudspeaker noise, and general crazy. We also ran a live raffle which LL did pretty much on her own. She rocked the house with her mad organizational skills, which let's be honest, she didn't get from me! She also rocked the fashion show on Saturday night with her knitted faux denim shorts, complete with purple Berocco Suede pocket and five dangling pewter dragonflies. Pix as soon as I am able.

We took a side trip to visit our pals at A Knitter's Garden in Chester New Hampshire. LL was taken by the sheep in the back yard and by how Joanne, the owner said the word "yarn". Joanne is from Boston, you can fill in the rest. LL also was quite taken by the shawl KAL, and started on her very own. 6 rows down, bunches to go, but it is 5.5 more rows than I thought she would do, so I am impressed.

I taught a class (three times!) on book publishing for aspiring authors which I hope didn't suck. I talked a lot of business which I hope will lead to some new projects I can show you all some day. I ate, I drank (although not enough), I shopped, and hung out with new friends and old (also not enough). And then we came home.

Home for a while now - dance season starts up for LL soon and I have to tackle all the work I put off by whining about traveling! I will try to blog more frequently now that I am home more - at the very least because I have run out of excuses about that too!

Oh - and go check out the brand new and fully functional Getting Loopy! site. Designed by the lovely and multi-talented Amie of Nexstitch it does more than I ever dreamed it could. We have Amazon links, we have show archives, we have a CafePress store, we have a little bloggity with comments enabled, it does everything bu produce the show! I totally love it, which I can say without sounding braggy because I had absolutely nothing to do with how completely fabulous it is.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Drive by blogging

Home for less than 48 hours between trips. We got back from the alleged vacation on Sunday night, and are minutes away from leaving for New Hampshire for the Knit and Crochet Show. Lots to tell you, but no time to write! Will try and do some (photoless) catch-up later in the week.

In the meantime, this is Harrison- And so is this -

Yum! I wish I had time to spin!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

New logo, new pattern, new FO...

This is the new logo for Getting Loopy - click on the photo to make it bigger - ain't it cool? I am totally in love with it, and Amie from NexStitch.com who designed it. Next up, a new website to go with my graphic fabulousness. And already available, T-Shirts for you, your dog, and your Teddy Bear! Getting Loopy! on Cafe Press I got the Kid and I each a t-shirt to wear to New Hampshire, and two tote bags - one for me, and one to give away on the show. Can't wait to see what they look like in real life.
Next up, my newest pattern, available at Hooked for Life , which is also soon to get a graphic remodeling. This is called the Swirly Beret, and is crocheted in one skein of Colinette Jitterbug. It fits head sizes 19" - 23", mods available to make the diameter of the top larger, although you would then need more yardage. The Kid is the model - she makes me pay her per pattern sold, gotta love her entrepreneurial spirit...
And then, a wee little FO I made for a friend of a friend. Don't ask me what yarn since I already lost the ball bands, but I think it was Cascade and cotton. Don't remember who the pattern was from either - I definitely suck at blogging today. But will post the deets if I find them while I am cleaning up this weekend. My stitching area is taking over the whole living room and needs to be beaten back with a stick. The sweater has little bees on the buttons, which I love. Amazing what you can find when you clean...

Another two pieces for the afghan book were shipped today, three more that are partially assembled are going on vacation with me starting tomorrow. Does anyone think Leisure Arts will mind if their samples have sand in them? I am guessing they will be so happy to get them since I am a little behind the 8-ball, deadline-wise, that they would just vacuum them and move on :-) I have two book chapters to write before Wednesday, but I should be able to crank them out by the pool. I just discovered the high contrast setting on my laptop and hope this means I can use Word outside.

Gone for a week, back for a day, then off to New Hampshire. Will try to post in between laundry loads next Monday. Off to pack...

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Home again - for a minute or two...

Home from the midwest. Nice to sleep in my own bed again, but I wish it wasn't so hot and humid - yeeeeewwwwww to the giant humidity. Kiddo and I are taking great amusement from the dog, who is following us around as if she thinks if she can keep her eyes on us, she can prevent us from disappearing again. She even jumped into the car this afternoon as we were unloading it, in case it had ideas about spiriting us away again. Boy is she going to be pissed off on Sunday when we leave for vacation!

The photo above is on the front of the art museum at Ball State University. I was working at BSU all of last week on a documentary film that covers some of the same info in my Driving the National Road in Indiana book. It was fun being an academic for a week, although I don't know if I could do it full time. We got the first draft of the script finished, some of the shooting has already taken place, and with any luck the one hour film will be on PBS in early 2009.

Anyway - the inscription above is Gracious Living is the Finest Art. My new mantra :-)

Getting Loopy! was fun last night - Jacqueline from SOAK came on and we talked quite a bit about how to properly care for your fine crocheted items. Do you think anyone would mind if I won my own contest? I have prize lust for the things that she will give away! No show next week - vacation is coming up and I can't wait.

Off to hit the local craft store - I need to take some photos for one of my magazine articles and the lighting is not what they had hoped for. So I am going to make a quicky light box to shoot the smalls. Will share a photo with you next time if they work out.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Greetings from Muncie!

Hey there all - almost halfway through my consulting time here at Ball State, but wanted to announce a few new things.

It's funny when you have been designing for a short while, because you have sold/written/finished a bunch of patterns, but they aren't published yet so you don't have much to show for the time you have put in. Then all of a sudden it seems, your work shows up all over the place at once. I guess it's sort of like an actor that has been plugging away for a while, then gets a role that garners a lot of attention, and suddenly she is an "overnight success". People don't realize that overnight was several years in the making.

Anyway - here is a look at my newest pattern, The Flirty 30s Tank, in the current issue of Interweave Crochet. I love how it looks on the model, but I do want to point out that I am not a petite little flower, and I wear the top too - in fact I was wearing mine when Kim Werker spotted it and asked if it was available for the magazine. I have gotten several emails asking why the size range is so small, but it isn't - the measurements you might be looking at are for the area under the arms where the top band goes. The pattern goes up to a 52" bust, and it has more than 6" of ease for a drapey fit, so please don't think you have to be a size 2 to wear it!

The other thing I want to direct you to in a totally self serving way is a fun book of belts put together by myself and a gang of my friends. Check out Straight from Today's Designers for a downloadable book of belt patterns from all sorts of great folks, including yours truly, Robyn Chachula (who by the way was great on Getting Loopy! last night) Doris Chan, Amy O'Neil Houck, and many many others. Please go check it out!

I have to go back to work now -