Thursday, June 19, 2008

On why you should never be without more yarn...

While I am generally allergic to going to a shopping mall on the weekend, here it was the night before Father's Day and I still hadn't taken the Kid to the store to pick up the shirt she had chosen for her dad on a previous outing So we had to go - we just had to.

She had a feis on Saturday (nice effort but no hardware, we aren't complaining though because she is having a good season overall this year), so we were dragging a bit by the time we got there. I never park in the indoor parking garage, preferring to park as far away from the other drivers as possible and getting a nice walk in out of the deal, but it looked like it was going to rain, and the poor Kid wasn't going to want to walk too far on her tired Irish dancer feet, so I parked on the 4th level of the garage. We went in, we shopped, we ate some salad, we came back to the car.

Where we sat for twenty minutes only moving about 20 feet. We were still on the fourth level of the garage, and hadn't even gotten to the down ramp yet. I made an executive decision that we were going back inside - the air conditioner isn't working right in the van and I was getting cranky sitting and not moving and being hot all at the same time. So I re-park the car just a few spots away from where we started, and we went back inside to hang around on the comfy chairs. Kid is exhausted but agrees it would be better to sit around in the AC than to sit outside and listen to me curse. I have some knitting, she does some window shopping, and an hour later we head out again.

The line isn't notably shorter, but since the rain has started it isn't so hot, so we decide to tough it out. I can't knit because the piece I have requires a few brain cells and I don't want to drop a stitch and curse some more, so I reach into the bag and come up with a giant hook and some thick yarn that I can't talk about yet (but will soon) and I decide to make a scarf. The photo shows you how much bulky scarf you can get done while in stop and barely start traffic in a mall garage - answer is: a lot. We first left the mall at 6, went back in at 6:20, went back out at 7:20, got out of the garage at 8:40 (which is when I put the crochet hook down :-), and got home a little after 9. Total escape from the mall time? Just over three hours. It didn't take us that long to eat dinner and buy the shirt! When will I park in a mall garage again? Never ever ever ever.

The moral is - always have a brainless project in your bag.

And look who came out to watch me take photos of the scarf! It is often like Disney gone wrong in my back yard with the critters everywhere - we have a ton of local bunnies, woodchucks, evil squirrels, birds, and I have even seen some wild turkeys perched on my shed roof.

But I love the bunnies best!

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