Tuesday, May 06, 2008

SO nice outside!

I know there are folks waiting for it to be twelve hundred degrees, but I am not one of those people - I hate when it is really hot and humid. But this time of year makes me happy - the Kid and the puppy dog and I have been pretty much living out in the back yard in the afternoons because it is so pretty out.

Sadly that is not my back yard in the photo - I had camnesia all weekend, so that's another shot of the state park where we took pictures for the upcoming patterns. My back yard doesn't look half bad right now though - the Kid has spent quite a bit of her (read my) discretionary income at the plant nursery and has gone to town with the perennials. I will try to get a photo of that later today.

The blue and white sweater that seemed like it would never end due to my mangled thumb causing purling to be an adventure has landed at its new home. The pattern should be out soon I think, and I will link to it when it is ready. I am now crocheting away on a ton of throws/baby blankets/other projects that I can't talk about yet, and playing away with the radio show.

Speaking of which - this afternoon's guest is designer Doris Chan. That makes me happy - Doris and I always have a good time when we hang out. Getting Loopy! airs live at 1:00 pm this afternoon, and of course can always be heard after the fact via the archives. I am getting all Sally Field about the whole thing - you like me, you really like me! Because the download rate is growing day by day, on May 19th the show will be moving to prime time - Monday nights at 9:00 pm eastern. I am hoping that with the more accessible time slot that those of you who listen in later might be able to actually participate via telephone or live chat. But we shall see what happens as it happens. A sincere thank you to all of your for your support of the show - it is growing so fast I hardly know what to do!

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Nichole said...

I second that for this kind of weather... that's why Fall is my fave time of year. None of the icky sticky crap for me, thankyou very much.