Thursday, May 22, 2008

It's spring and everything is green...

and Purple! The green swatch above is a detail from a shawl I just finished for a knitting magazine. As usual I shipped at the last minute and lamented how much of my fee was passed along to Fedex, but at least it got there.
Then I had an attack of reality and realized that the Serenity Blanket I was working on was not even going to be close to finished by the second week in June, when the baby it is intended for is scheduled to make an appearance. So I decided to go for quantity of goodies and went stash diving. The little bitties above are the Magic Slipper pattern from Sock Pixie, made up in a little ball of Koigu that was laying around. You know those bits - too pretty to throw away, not big enough to actually do anything with? This was the perfect solution to my issues - fast, fun, and pretty.
It has been raining on and off quite a bit here over the last few days, and while the dog is not amused because she doesn't like to get her paws wet, my flowers are very happy and are springing up all over. This lovely guy is the first of my purple irises to fully open. I am also waiting to pounce on the peonies when they open up - they are full to bursting of flowery goodness and I can't wait to smell them!

Kiddo is fine and dancing - we are both looking forward to the long Memorial Day weekend, which starts today as they cashed in an unused snow day so she is off tomorrow too. And her dad is back to work after seven weeks of madness (one of his kidneys decided to go haywire last week - you have no idea....) and is doing much better.

I have two stories to write this week, a sweater to design and knit, and a ton of stuff to do before I leave for TNNA in two short weeks. Wish me luck!

PS - on a Gettling Loopy! update - ITunes is finally working. Hurrah! Catch the back epis if you missed them - next week is Carol Ventura talking about tapestry crochet.

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Kelli said...

Last summer my ex-roommate mowed off my irises and only one came back this year. It makes me terribly sad that I won't have their bright flowers to this year.