Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Almost two weeks down...

Almost two weeks to go... Got my stitches out yesterday, but I am not supposed to bend my thumb for another ten or so days. What a pain in the rear! Knitting is okay since I throw, the purl stitch is slooooooow and crocheting is a mess. Not that my deadlines care... but I am in denial about that for at least today.

Kiddo was off school last week so we took an afternoon, grabbed the projects and the puppy dog, and headed up to Bear Mountain Lake in NY. I am working on some new patterns of my own to sell via download and in yarn stores - here is the back view of the very first one! Called the Silly Putty Shrug because it is so adjustable and can be worn different ways. It is knitted in a reversible stitch, and the model is made in SWTC Karaoke. More details available as we get closer to launch. We took photos of three of the patterns since it was so nice outside.

Speaking of launching - thank you SO MUCH for coming by the radio show in droves! Getting Loopy! airs again today at 1:00 PM eastern, and as always you can go to the archives to listen later. Today's guest is Crochet Dee , next week is Doris Chan, and later on will be Carrie A Sullivan among many others.

How cool is the internet? We launched the little radio show and hundreds and hundreds of people listened. We were talking about a yarn company and the president of that company called in before we even went off the air! I love how crocheters and knitters can use the latest technology to talk about their craft, which when you come right down to it is about the lowest technology you can think of.

Anyway, I have to go slowly finish some sleeve caps. Can't wait to try to pick up and knit the collar once the sweater is finished...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Big news on two fronts!

The kiddo got some hardware, the kiddo got some hardware! Her first time earning a trophy at the champion level of solo Irish dancing, so we are pretty happy. Pix tomorrow - I was sucked into the time space continuum that is too many doctor's offices yesterday, and I am now getting ready for my other big news -

My brand new half hour internet talk radio show on crochet and crocheters debuts this afternoon! I know this is short notice, but with only one hand I am not quite moving at the speed of light this week :-)

The Deets -

Getting Loopy! will air live weekly on Tuesdays at 1:00 pm eastern. If you can hang around during that half hour, you can call in via telephone to heckle or ask questions, or hang out on the live chat. If you want to hear the show at other times, it is archived on the site I just linked you to, or you can subscribe via RSS feed or ITunes.

This week's guest is Amy O'Neill Houck, then comes Crochet Dee, then Doris Chan (who refuses to have a blog) and many many other crocheters. Please come by and check us out!

Here is the widget...

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Or, four reasons not to fool around with seam rippers when you are stressed.

Why did I have the seam ripper out while I was knitting, you might ask? Because the stitch holder I was using was really tight and I thought I would just use the blade of the seam ripper to pry it open a bit.

Where did the seam ripper end up? At/in the outside base of my left thumb.

Why was I happy? Because I did not bleed all over the blue and while sweater which I am frantically trying to finish.

Was that not bleeding on the sweater thing the high point of the day? yes.

Why did I say four reasons? Four stitches hidden under the hardware.

Have I tried to knit the sweater again yet? No, but I can't imagine what my gauge will do... Crocheting looks like it might be easier.

How are you typing? I never learned to do it correctly and it turns out in my demented way of typing I don't really use my left thumb. Thank God. I whomp the space key on occasion, but that's not the end of the world.

What happens now? I am stuck with this for ten days since there is "tendon involvement" (which hopefully means I just nicked it - it moves well so I am not worried I did any serious damage, but man that seam ripper was a lot sharper than I had thought!) I will get a follow up with an ortho guy who specializes in hands next week.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hey, we're eating here!

Doesn't it look like that sheep on the left is pissed that I am taking photos of their cute little sheep butts while they are trying to eat? Not that it bothere the other two... This photo has nothing to do with anything other than I haven't taken any knitting photos in days and I like to have photos on the blog posts...Spent most of the weekend at the ASJA conference in New York City. God, I love that conference. I meet new editors (which usually leads to more work), see my writer friends, take classes, drink beer, get all inspired about my writing career... and then I come home and it all fades away in a matter of hours. Except hopefully the getting more work part.

Kiddo's dad is recovering slowly from his surgery - having some infection issues but nothing that won't get cleared up with a whomping big pile of antibiotics. The Kid? She is dancing, what a surprise. She wanted to go away next week for a few mommy and Kid days while she is on her long delayed spring break, but all things being equal we don't think her father is quite up to being left alone overnight just yet.

I just saw the layout pages of the yellow and cream top that is about to be in a big ol' magazine and I can't wait to show you all - it looks fabulous, if I do say so myself. And I do.

Off to clean the living room and finish the blue and white sweater, which has the dubious honor of being the oldest work related WIP, so it has to go out next. Everybody finish their taxes?

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Just a quickie...

Are you book mad like I am? Check out this new web site for author information. Red Room
You might get some interesting info from your favorite authors. And, you know, me too. I am under T for Temple.

Monday, April 07, 2008


Here it is - the thing I finished today and have to mail. It looks absolutely nothing like the photo anymore - which is why I say again, felting is an art rather than a science. It can also be a big fat surprise - 'nough said.

It is raining yarn here at Chez Alpaca. Two big boxes just arrived from Caron - one for a sweater, one for the afghan project. I am hungrily awaiting boxes from Mission Falls, Cascade, Plymouth and SWTC - most of which will get sent out to contract crocheters soon after it gets here. I promise a photo if all 150 skeins arrive at once...

This week I have the ASJA conference on Friday and Saturday, and the Kid has a dance thing on Sunday. I love going to the ASJA conference - I get to see a lot of friends that I only really see once a year, and spend some time talking about writing without sounding like a pretentious snob. There is only so much talking about sentence structure that one can do with non-writers before their eyes start to glaze over.

Today I indulged in my most favorite and least favorite parts of preparing for the conference - I will leave you to guess which is which. I hunted down copies of magazines whose editors I expect to meet with on Friday, and I started trying to figure out what I want to wear. One of the great things about being a writer is that no one can see what I am wearing as I work - a blessing for both of us, I can tell you. When I am doing knitting book signings it's easy - throw on something basic and top with a Clapotis and I am pretty well covered for any situation. But for things like this weekend, I want to look business-like and professional, yet not like I have stuffed myself into a monkey suit that is trotted out but once a year. So far I have settled on a nice jacket. Due to the current cash flow imbalance (it is all flowing out rather than it), everything else needs to be chosen from the depths of the closet.

After I move a bunch of yarn...