Wednesday, March 12, 2008

In Marc, no one is busier...

than an Irish step dancer! Crazy busy here with competitions and performances for the Kid - things should settle down for her after March 17th. And for me too - she may do the dancing but until she can drive herself to events and style her own hair, I work hard too!

Here is Cinderella trying to help out with our busy schedules by working with the Kid on her math homework. Sadly, the fractions puzzle her as much as they do me... she keeps trying to figure it out, though.

Of course since I am completely buried in work deadlines, I decided to cast on a new knitting project. This is the Serenity Blanket - here is the pattern if you are a Ravelry member, not sure how to get you there if you are not. The designer is La of JenLa fame - maybe she can help any non-Ravelers locate the pattern if they so desire.

Love love love love love this pattern - so much fun watching it grow, although knowing me it will be less amusing as each row is hundreds of stitches rather than dozens. Yarn is Lion Brand Cotton Ease in the almond colorway, which is actually more of a pale yellow. This one is destined for a gift, although now that the Kid has seen the pattern she wants one too.

Did I tell you guys I sold another book to Andrews McMeel? Due out in June of 2009, this one is called Hooked for Life: Adventures of a Crochet Zealot. More musings, less alphabetizing than SLoK.

And coming out about the same time will be a fabulous new booklet from Leisure Arts, that I can't tell you a damn thing about lest it's fabulousness be bogarted by someone else with a shorter production lead time :-) It's crochet - does that help? It doesn't have a title yet, although I probably wouldn't tell you even if I knew what it was. I am having a wonderful time ordering a zillion skeins of yarn - again, I suspect it will be less fun when the yarn has to turn into projects, although I have three trusty test crocheters standing by. I hope they are all still speaking to me by July first when the models are due.

Okay back to work - really - SOMETHING has to get finished today, and I don't much care what. I just want my to-do list to be shorter.

PS and a slight begging note: If you liked SLoK and didn't review it on, could you please? Even if it's just a line or two - I have review number envy in the worst way, and I just read a book that alleges that if I have a minimum of six reviews (I only have 4!) it will help with numbers and page layout. Pretty please with alpaca on top? I will stop whining now, I promise!


Trillian42 said...

You've got 5 reviews now. ;)

And if you ever need another crocheter... holler!

Anonymous said...

Who's Marc? - Rina

La said...

Hi! Thought I'd take you up on directing non-ravelers to my pattern:

It can be found here:

(scroll down to "my patterns")

and here:

in the patterns section.

Michelle said...

Even if I don't crochet... I want a copy of the book :) Looks like I'm still the first to ask :P~