Monday, March 31, 2008

Ding Dong and Amen!

Ding Dong! New yarn is here, but it isn't making me cry because I get to keep some of it. Some of the highly coveted Flat Feet from Conjoined Creations . I had scored one of these cool beans sock yarns at TNNA in January, but had given it as a gift to someone who I knew would get to using it much faster than I would. She did, and she loved it, but I was wanting some for myself, and now here it is! Yum...

I have decided that the opposite of Ding Dong - AAAAAAAARRRGGGHHHH! which is what happens when new yarn comes in that has to be made up into a model in 14 seconds flat, is Amen! As in Amen, I shipped that crocheted tank top off to Plymouth Yarns (thank God for Fedex, even though it eats into the profits!), and Amen, those two felted bags made it out to Brown Sheep in the nick of time! Two almost finished projects here still need to go out - one felted bag and one long sleeved sweater, then I can get on top of the new projects I just agreed to do - a knitted shawl for Creative Knitting Magazine, and a knitted cardigan for Caron Yarns. All is well in throw-model-land as long as I don't look at the calendar too closely - two of the crocheters have already started, and the yarn for all but one throw is ordered and on its way. That will SERIOUSLY be Ding Dong followed by tears - I have something like 130 skeins of yarn on their way here in the next week, from five different manufacturers.

Is anyone coming to the Knit and Crochet Show in New Hampshire in July? It is also the regional meeting for TKGA, and the national meeting for CGOA - the Kid just likes to go because she gets to be in the fashion show on Saturday night. Anyway the highlight of that weekend for me has always been Professional Development Day - an all day affair in which designers, teachers, magazine and book editors, and yarn company reps talk about how to make a living in the yarn industry. Click here to check out the class listing for the day. And maybe pay special attention to the number 8 round table discussion... Speaking of which, that's another thing to add to my to-do list - I need to write my hand out so it can be printed. Last year I think we had something like 125 attendees for that day and it was a lot of fun (and plenty productive). If you are coming, please give a thought to attending my group, so I won't have crowd envy when Lily Chin starts talking to her devoted followers :-)

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Nichole said...

I'll see you at TKGA... probably Sat or Sun :)
When is the actual TKGA meeting and is it worth attending? I'm a member but didn't go to the meeting last year... just shopped!