Monday, March 03, 2008

Deadline extensions mean....

Look! It's the spinning wheel! With actual spinning happening! Which means guess what I am doing instead of catching up on the deadline that just got extended?!?!

Sigh - it made me so happy to get the wheel out of exile. Big sigh of joy....

Okay - now that I took this break I really have to get back to work so that when the extended deadline comes up I am not in the sorry-ass shape I was in when it rolled around this time.

So this week I have to:
Finish two articles, one on cars, one on gardening
Finish grading the pattern for the nameless red sweater.
Finish making the models for a crocheted tank top and a knitted raglan sleeve sweater. And then grade those patterns. And then ship the models.
Finish sketching 5 of the 8 patterns for a new booklet I am designing, then order the yarn for all of them.

Then get back to the log home book which is the deadline that haunts me.

Irish dance season started with a bang yesterday - the Kid didn't manage to win a trophy but she is up a level now (preliminary champion for those of you keeping score at home!) and had a very respectable finish. She looked beautiful and strong and confident, and she didn't freak out from nerves, so it was all good as far as I was concerned. She, of course, was somewhat miffed about the lack of hardware. Next weekend we get to go do it again, after an evening performance at a local country club. No one is busier than a cute little Irish dancer in the run up to March 17th! Unless it's her mother who has to do her hair and drive.

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Trillian42 said...

And I am miffed on her behalf. My favorite Irish dancer deserves hardware, dangit! :)

Nice spinning - pretty stuff! I should really blow the dust off my wheels one of these days...