Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Another one bites the dust!

Hurrah for the Finishing Fairie - she came, she saw, she finished! And she charged me a little money but that's okay too - if my WIP level doesn't go down my stress level will go up, so I was completely willing to trade some cash for some done-ness. This is in a box and on it's way to SWTC - hopefully they will love it and get the pattern out just as soon as I finish grading the sizes - the part I hate even more than finishing.

It still doesn't have a cute name, and for those who asked, yes there are sparkles in the yarn, not randomly placed glarey bits in the camera. I know these shots are blurry but the color is close - the less blurry ones with the flash would blind you with their evil redness. Why are red sweaters so hard to photograph? I haven't had this much problem getting nice finished photos since the Red Scarf Project last year.

Did some felting this morning - work masquerading as fun so far as I am concerned. I probably let it go on a little too long as the finished item is smaller than I had intended, but man did I get a gorgeous, striated color run and a dense, cushy fabric. We shall see what the yarn company thinks of it when they get it - another box going out tomorrow, hurrah! Boxes and articles going out eventually = checks coming in, and I have a big old getting my basement re-finished fantasy going on. Never go to a home show if you don't have tons of cash laying around to start remodeling immediately. I stopped by a home show last weekend in the guise of doing work on the log home book (I was writing about roofs and hardwood floors and went to touch samples) and now random burly guys are trooping through the house leaving massive estimates in their wake.

But if my basement was dry and mold-free, the yarn could go there. And the knitting accoutrement. And the spinning wheel. And then all of that stuff wouldn't be laying in piles throughout the rest of my house, meaning my house might actually be un-cluttered enough not to cringe every time the Kid brings someone new home to chill with.

Speaking of the Kid - feis season starts this weekend and little Miss Champion starts all over again on the great trophy quest for this season. Wish us both luck!

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