Monday, December 03, 2007

Thanks... And greetings from Philadelphia!

I just want to take a moment to say thank you to all who sent notes and comments about my poor bunny-boy. We don't know what happened - one night he was happy and eating (according to the pet sitter, whom we have known for many years and trust implicitly), the next morning he was dead in his cage. So so sad...


Last weekend the Kid and I were in Philadelphia for the regional Irish step dancing championships. She was competing in both the team and the solo events. So we quick checked in on Thanksgiving afternoon before we ran off to eat with the family, and discovered we had lucked into a very cool corner room with terrific views of the city.

The Kid especially liked the fact that she could go back there and shut the curtains and no one could see her. She put her book and her lucky bamboo stick, and her sugar stash back there and retreated whenever she needed a minute to think.
Bitty Erin (named for one of the Kid's dance coaches) quite enjoyed the view herself, although she never did manage to get the Skittles opened...

And look - some actual knitting! I whipped up this little scarf for the Kid using two skeins of Online Solo . Solo is that wide tape yarn that you stab with your needle to knit with - lots of fun and quick results. I discovered that the farther away you "pick" your yarn the more ruffly it gets. And because the start bells out a little, instead of attaching the second skein to the first and going on, I knit up the two skeins separately, then sewed the two halves together center back so the ends would match. She loves it, it's purple!

On her own knitting front, she has discovered the circular needle love and I think has knit more in the last week than she has in the last year. She is stitching away on a felted purse from Amy R. Singer's Knit Wit: 30 Easy and Hip Projects (Hands-Free Step-By-Step Guides). Kid has promised pictures when she gets a little farther along.

I am sort of buried in all the work I didn't do when I was driving her to dance class every day of our lives, but hope to finish getting caught up this week. Then if I can clear a space for the Christmas tree to live in, all will be well in my world.

Mt. Holly this Friday night - Woolbearers from 6 to 9 pm. It is also a First Friday in Mt. Holly so come and get your holiday shopping groove on if you are in the neighborhood.

Wow, this post is long - congrats to those who are still with me!

The blue shrug that I wear to death? The pattern is finally up at
Leisure Arts Library. It is $3.99 until December 31st, when it goes back up to $4.99. In any case, the sample there is made with Bernat Cool Crochet, but the original was made in Blue Heron Beaded Rayon, so anything in the silky/multi/dk range would probably be an okay sub. Because it is lacy, the fit is very forgiving so gauge is maybe not as important as it might be for some other patterns. I am working away on the red sweater for Soysilk, and a few other surprises that I hope to be able to show you soon.

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