Friday, December 21, 2007

The Jurassic WIP progresses

It is all in one piece now, with the ends woven in. I felt it needed a little border of some sort but of course don't have any yarn left, so my good friends at Stix-n-Stitches in Montclair, NJ helped me pick out some contrasting yarn last night. Will whomp something on the edge later today, fueled by my annual last minute Christmas mix of cookie dough, coffee, and antibiotics.

All in all I am pretty pleased with this - it will be taking up no more space in the stash closet or my brain, and I know my mother will love it.

In other news - there is no other news. Bah Humbug! I am buried in cookie baking, present wrapping and general holiday stress, just like half of the rest of the world. The good news is I finished my shopping this morning. The bad news is I hate the mitts I started for the Kid and feel the need to make something else instead. The good news is she tried on someone else's Calorimetry last night and loved it so I might just whip one of those out instead.

No computer for most of next week - some days with my parents, some days with friends, and of course what would an attempt on my part to relax be without the Kid having a step dancing competition in there some where...

Here's to a peaceful New Year!

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Happy New Year