Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A crazy week, a little knitting

So last week was my friend's birthday. And I always make her something for her birthday - she is a wonderfully eager recipient of handknits and it's fun to make things for such an enthusiastic audience. Except I totally spazzed on the date and didn't have a whole lot of time. Calorimetry to the rescue! The yarn is Sheep 3 by Sheep Shop Yarn color number F60. Her favorite colors (it looks much closer in the yarn web site photo) and a quick knit. I gave it to her without the buttons - I can only knit but so fast and it was either finish the knitting or shop for buttons.

I had read a lot online about how the pattern came up to big, but I didn't read all of that until after I had knit the whole darn thing. Thankfully she has some serious hair so it wasn't too big at all.
Next is a bitty hat I knit for the Kid out of some stash yarn,Big Ball It took about a minute and a half to whip up and goes quite nicely with her new winter coats - one of which is purple and one of which is pink.
Other than that it has been all step dancing all the time. The Mid-Atlantic Oireachtas is this weekend - the regional dance championships for step dancers. The Kid has a team event on Saturday and a solo event on Sunday, and the preparations have been endless, not to mention expensive. I shudder to think about the amount of yarn money that has gone into this caper! But so it goes, she loves to do this and I want to reward her effort.

Oh, and there was a side trip to the Manchester Library last week for a book signing = what a great group I had! Waving to all of you who were there! Many many knitters, a great, interactive group to play with while I was talking, and lovely projects to look at. I will be in Point Pleasant in February - come there too!!!

Okay - off for the weekend. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who partake of turkey day, and to those of you about to compete - I salute you. I need to go pack the vodka and spicy apple martini mix along with the costumes, wigs and shoes!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mary Beth!
Thanks for great site and a great sense of humour. Hope you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
And guess what? We just happen to share the same first, middle, and last names...although I use my middle name, rather than the entire. So if you write back, just call me: Beth. See Yas, Cousin(s)?!!!!