Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Weekend in Lancaster

The Middle Sister has moved to Lancaste,r PA, and the Kid and I went down for the weekend - partly to visit, partly on one more stop on the never ending book plug that is The Secret Language of Knitters

Friday night I did an event at the Heritage Center Museum, where I met lots of knitters and made great wonking progress on my Socks That Rock socks, much to the delight of the non-knitters who wandered by. I finished one sock and got the ribbing and part of the leg done on the other. I find being confined to one space with only one knitting project goes a long way towards avoiding Second Sock Syndrome.

We woke up Saturday to discover that in addition to the regular Central Market hours (which was cool enough on its own - the Kid said her cinnamon bun was the best she ever tasted in her entire life!) there was a birthday celebration/street fair in full force.

It looked a little like this. And there were many many things for eleven year old's to do. Like eat cake, and paint wooden shapes, and get balloon animals, and wander into the market 14 times, and.... you get the idea.

One of the tables was set up with various veggies so you could make critters out of pumpkins and gourds. Aside from the hot glue gun, teeny nails and hammers, and a few random pipe cleaners, everything else on the table was food of some sort. The Kid made Pumpkin Guy -

who is a little blurry but cute none the less.

And look who I found! Three furry friends from Eastland Alpacas. Fiber - it's everywhere.

On the work front, I have three stories on loggie topics to finish up, and a red sweater for Soysilk. I was hoping to get it finished for Stitches East, but no go - the sleeves are annoying me more than I thought they might.

Counting the minutes until Rhinebeck. And now that I got my invitation to Ravelry I am just too busy dreaming about yarn for words.

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Nichole said...

Check out my alpaca pics from the NH Wool Arts Tour! :)
"wish you were there!"