Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A visit from the Tofutsies Fairy

I love the UPS guy - he brings me such lovely yarn, and unlike the mail guy he doesn't bring me any bills.

This arrived from Southwest Trading yesterday - yummy payment for the last pair of socks I did for them. Tofutsies in nine different colorways. There is a double because the Kid scoped out the color choices ahead of time and claimed one for her very own, so I wisely asked for two so I won't have to go without myself! I was planning on showing close up photos, but the Blogger photo system is being cranky this morning, so no luck.

I did a lovely book signing last night at Secaucus Public Library. Well I did a discussion, there were no actual books, which was mildy frustrating for all concerned. But Womrath's in Tenafly has some signed copies for those of you locals that want one, and of course they can be gotten elsewhere. A wildly prolific Project Linus group meets there and they impressed the hell out of me with both the beauty and the quantity of the blankets they were putting out. Well done ladies!

only about 52 hours until I leave for Rhinebeck....

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Donna Lee said...

I made a pair of lacy mock cable socks from Tofutsie yarn and I love them. They are soft and get softer with each (machine) wash. I was amazed at how soft they are considering how thin the yarn is. I have another skein and am looking for a new pattern for those. I have my eye on the tidal wave pattern.