Monday, October 29, 2007

Spinning right along

Dear editors and yarn company owners and anyone else I owe work to. It isn't that I spend all of my time spinning, and none of my time working, really it isn't. I just take a lot of photos of the spinning so it looks that way. Yeah, let's go with that...

My Handful of Dust from FatCatKnits all spun up. Still not sure what to do with 82 yards of it, but it makes me happy.

Then I moved on to the merino/silk blend top I bought at last year's Rhinececk. It doesn't quite please me as much as the first yarn did, but it satisfied the burning roving lust I was suffering from. There is about 100 yards of this one. It is less lumpy than my first attempt, which I suppose is forward movement.

The kind enablers at Ravelry answered my desperate plea for local roving by directing me to the fine folks at KnitKnack in Maplewood, NJ. Where I immediately fell to the floor and fondled every braid of Fleece Artist merino sliver that they had, which for the record was a lot of braids. I chose four of similar color so that I could conceivably end up with enough yardage to actually knit something with. I am also getting a little more consistent with my singles, and they are a tad bit thinner which should not only help my yardage, but is making my roving supply last a little bit longer, hopefully saving me from having to run out and buy more every other day.

It isn't quite as bright as it looks in the photo, but I didn't want to stop spinning long enough to fiddle with the photos anymore...

Oh and to my patient friends at SWTC I am working on your sweater - really I am. Yin and Yang in a delicious red colorway - more photos as I get closer to finished but I have made great progress since this one was taken - pinky swear! I now have to go finish up two articles and at least the back of this sweater so I can go back to spinning without (much) guilt...

I almost forgot - I had a great time visiting with Kathy and Steve Elkins from Webs on their podcast Ready, Set Knit!

Click on Show 51 to listen in.

Oh - and another gratuitous sheep picture, this time with me in it! Love me some Rhinebeck sheep!

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Norma said...

that's one heckuva sheep. I like how he coordinates with your dress.