Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Two of my favorite things!

Look, a cruise!

Look, knitters on the cruise!

How cool is that?

On Sunday 9/23 about 100 knitters set sail on a 3 hour cruise (cue:Gilligan's Island theme song) up the Hudson River. The event was sponsored by Cornwall Yarn Shop with a little help from Plymouth Yarn, and a good time was had by all. I signed some books, met some nice people, saw some friends, knit on some socks, and generally had a lovely afternoon. There were even snacks and booze, but I didn't partake of either since I was running around playing instead.

My new pattern for Plymouth is out - the pile of beige spaghetti I showed here a few weeks ago is now a lovely shawl pattern in their new Buckingham yarn. Not to sound like a commercial but I love that stuff - 80% baby alpaca/20% silk fingering weight. SO soft and easy to work with. I will scan it and show you the picture tomorrow - right now I have to get ready for my event in Marlton NJ tonight at the Borders on Route 73. Did I mention that my 6th grade English teacher is coming? He doesn't knit, but he read the whole book just because I wrote it. I think that is the coolest thing - teachers rock!


Nichole said...

Oh how FUN does that look!!!!!!!

Michelle said...

If my 6th grade english teacher came back to haunt me I'd run away screaming!!!

So what grade did he give you? :P~

Betharoopie said...

Yes, it certainly was a FUN time! And yes, that's my wide butt at the bar...lol...

It was great to meet you, and I look forward to seeing you at Rhinebeck. EHPF was my favorite stop for sock yarn last year.