Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Doing the high tech happy dance

My little laptop has been on the disabled list for weeks. I spent hours and hours and hours on the phone with tech support, and I just couldn't get my stalwart companion fixed. So I approached a neighbor with a reputation as a computer whiz with hat in hand and asked him if he would look at it for me. Five days later, here she is, working like a charm. Apparently my virus protection was insufficient and I had a lot of little bugs in there. Now they are all dead - hurrah! And I have new antivirus software - hurrah! And I am writing in the living room again - hurrah! And writing stuff period, which is good or I will go broke - hurrah! And I can write in Starbucks again - hurrah, hurrah!

So finally the kid and I are back into her school routine, when I realize she gets two days off this week for religious holidays. It will be nice to sleep in a bit, but I suspect getting up again on Monday is going to be tough.

Just finished up some new socks for Soysilk and have started a sweater for them. I also wrapped up (no pun intended) a belt project for a new crochet book that will be coming up soon. Photos of all tomorrow - for now I just want to keep writing, which is a good thing!

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