Friday, September 28, 2007

Cameron goes yarn shopping

When Cameron T. Bunny was leaving the wilds of Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool almost one short year ago, we ran into my friend Adam, co-owner of The Stitchery, a very fine yarn shop in Pearl River, NY. Adam was quite smitten with Cameron and wanted him to visit, but his mother, who works in the shop, is not much of an animal person and vetoed that idea pretty quickly.

Guess who didn't go to work on Monday? And while the mom's away, the bunnies will play....

Cameron loved playing on the floor of the shop, and Adam fed him seed cookies for rabbits (what we refer to in my house as "bunny crack") so all was well. Refreshed, he decided to check out the yarn selection - but nothing floated his boat right away...

Nothing here either - the pain of it all -

AHA! Cousins!!! Just what the bunny doctor ordered! Little Cameron was happy at last....

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Two of my favorite things!

Look, a cruise!

Look, knitters on the cruise!

How cool is that?

On Sunday 9/23 about 100 knitters set sail on a 3 hour cruise (cue:Gilligan's Island theme song) up the Hudson River. The event was sponsored by Cornwall Yarn Shop with a little help from Plymouth Yarn, and a good time was had by all. I signed some books, met some nice people, saw some friends, knit on some socks, and generally had a lovely afternoon. There were even snacks and booze, but I didn't partake of either since I was running around playing instead.

My new pattern for Plymouth is out - the pile of beige spaghetti I showed here a few weeks ago is now a lovely shawl pattern in their new Buckingham yarn. Not to sound like a commercial but I love that stuff - 80% baby alpaca/20% silk fingering weight. SO soft and easy to work with. I will scan it and show you the picture tomorrow - right now I have to get ready for my event in Marlton NJ tonight at the Borders on Route 73. Did I mention that my 6th grade English teacher is coming? He doesn't knit, but he read the whole book just because I wrote it. I think that is the coolest thing - teachers rock!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Yum, Tofutsies.

I just got this color of Tofutsies (#791) with a request from Kat at Soysilk to make up a pattern for it. This is a very simple chevron lace repeat (4 rows, 2 are knit across) with a heel flap heel and a round toe.

Not sure when exactly the pattern will be available, but I suspect it will be soon - SWTC is pretty quick about getting new patterns printed.

The next thing I am doing for them is a holiday red sweater in Yin and Yang - can't wait!

Cinderella hearts Tofutsies too - the skein is the perfect pillow when she is taking one of her many needed naps during the day. I often wonder if the yarn companies I design for notice the ever so slight doggie smell that accompanies my work...

Three events for me next week - Womrath's in Tenafly, NJ on Tuesday, the Barnes and Noble on Rt 17 S in Paramus, NJ on Wednesday, and the knitting cruise next Sunday the 23rd. Deets, as always, available on the book website tour page .

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Doing the high tech happy dance

My little laptop has been on the disabled list for weeks. I spent hours and hours and hours on the phone with tech support, and I just couldn't get my stalwart companion fixed. So I approached a neighbor with a reputation as a computer whiz with hat in hand and asked him if he would look at it for me. Five days later, here she is, working like a charm. Apparently my virus protection was insufficient and I had a lot of little bugs in there. Now they are all dead - hurrah! And I have new antivirus software - hurrah! And I am writing in the living room again - hurrah! And writing stuff period, which is good or I will go broke - hurrah! And I can write in Starbucks again - hurrah, hurrah!

So finally the kid and I are back into her school routine, when I realize she gets two days off this week for religious holidays. It will be nice to sleep in a bit, but I suspect getting up again on Monday is going to be tough.

Just finished up some new socks for Soysilk and have started a sweater for them. I also wrapped up (no pun intended) a belt project for a new crochet book that will be coming up soon. Photos of all tomorrow - for now I just want to keep writing, which is a good thing!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Happy Happy Joy....repeat ad nauseum

I have been a bit frazzled lately - vacation was not as relaxing as I might have hoped, and I have had some business setbacks in the last few weeks. Nothing horrible, mind you, just one of those months where I felt I was getting nibbled to death by ducks. But things are looking up!

So I decided to accept that things are looking up, instead of looking for the clouds over the silver linings.

So look! Another cute alpaca photo! This is Serafina's cria, didn't catch her name.

And look! The very nice Nichole made me a Rockin' Girl Blogger. I clways see these things floating around the internet and then I get all junior high left out feeling, and now I can be cheery because I was not left out. How lame is that? Okay - pretty lame, but a cheerful thing nonetheless.

Ooo, Oooo, then I got an assignment from a big old national (non-craft) magazine that I have been tossing story ideas around with since April. Nice contract, decent editor, a story I was actually dying to write instead of one that I was pitching for the paycheck.

I got to send a copy of the book to a very nice person who donated to the Red Scarf Foundation. See the blog of the lovely and talented Norma for more information.

Speaking of junior high - the Kid got through her very first day of middle school today, despite the fact that she was working so hard to kick higher in her step dancing that she whomped herself in the nose last night (with her knee - just the idea of that hurts) and made two horrible bloody scratch marks on her upper lip. She and I both think very highly of Bare Minerals.

Plymouth Yarn said my pile o' beige spaghetti looked great! Of course it was blocked and all when they got it. Check to come soon, the big unveil still scheduled for the
Knitting Cruise! Ooooh, and I get to go on the knitting cruise - that in itself is a nice thing.

Got a note from an editor I had submitted a pattern to asking me which issue I thought was a better fit. Which I am hoping means that that design has been accepted. Then another editor called and apologized for being difficult to get in touch with, which I am hoping means that project will get going soon too.

Normally I would be dwelling on the large project that got unexpectedly cancelled, and the fact that if all these designs sell I will be knitting and crocheting 24/7 for the next few months. But today I am not dwelling. I am wallowing in the happy happy joy joy. Remind me of this when I start bitching in a few weeks...