Monday, August 06, 2007

On the road again....

hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm on the road again.....

Okay, trying to pack in this heat and humidity is making me lose my mind! I need clothes and knitting and crocheting of course, and directions to the 2000 places I need to be, and hotel confirmations, and the babysitter's cell phone number and and and and -

My brain is melting.

Why is it that editors and yarn companies need wool swatches in August? And yes that's a rhetorical question, I do understand how far in advance books and magazines edit. I am just sighing about it a little bit, that's all.

Bunny boy visited the vet today and all is well. I was having trouble clipping his nails so I let the vet do it rather than frustrating both the four pawed beast and myself. I figured he hasn't been in a while anyway so it wouldn't be a bad thing to get him looked over while we were at it.

Anyway - off to Illinois and Indiana, back in about a week. I may post from the road but I haven't figured out how to get my camera to talk to the laptop so no interesting visuals until I get back - fair warning.

I got to be a guest blogger on Kerri Fivecoat Campbell's wonderful writing site last week. Visit her if you want to read about some of my wanderings in the land of book publishing.

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Nichole said...

Have fun!