Friday, August 31, 2007

Alpaca pix, not the gratuitous kind

Okay, maybe the alpaca belly photo is a little gratuitous, but I never saw an alpaca lay like that before. The owner, Brenda, of High Meadow Farms in New Hope, PA, said that that is how the critters get their daily ration of vitamin D - they need the sun on their cute little alpaca bellies because the rest of them is so furry.

This is Tri-D. His last fleece is hidden in my house somewhere, and I don't even have anything to spin it on yet (although I am counting the days). She was so sweet and let the kid pet her, that I sort of had to buy her fleece when it was offered to us.

The dark and lovely lady here is Serafina - she is in charge and not likely to let you foget it. She came right up to the kid and I to check us out, but then decided we didn't mean any harm to her or her herd, so she went right back to snacking.

And here are some socks - one can never have too many sock photos on a blog. Note that they bag around the kid's ankles? That's because they were supposed to be mine, but she bogarted them as soon as she saw them on the needles. I wasn't about to rip them out and start over, but she did catch me in time for the foot to fit properly. She doesn't mind that they slouch a bit - she just wanted them to be hers.

Yarn is Regia Surf, pattern is my made up basic stockinette pattern. They are fraternal rather than identical twins, because neither the kid nor I get crazy about things like matching stripes.

School starts for her in less than a week. Amen!


Michelle said...

Sorry I missed the fuzzy creatures...

funny about your socks :)

Kimberly said...

Alpacas are funny things, aren't they? The first time I saw one lying like that I paniced thinking it was "no longer with us". LOL

Hey - since you love working with alpaca yarn, check out this alpaca fiber art competition on my blog at - I fully admit I'm drumming up entries! But hey, the premiums can actually cover the postage if you win a few firsts. And Who doesn't like ribbons?