Monday, August 27, 2007

Ah, the beach

I don't know why I thought this seagull was so very amusing, sitting on top of a car on a rainy day at the Cape May Zoo, but I did. He just looks disgusted with the weather, as was I. Not that that stopped us from trekking around and seeing the animals in the rain. Crowded movie theaters make me cranky, and sitting on the beach in the rain didn't appeal.

I did get some knitting done - here are some Magic 28 socks out of some random wooly leftovers. Not sure where they are going yet, but they were quick and didn't involve more brain cells than were available on a rainy vacation day.

And here is a pile of beige spaghetti, a lovely baby alpaca silk blend from a big yarn company. The yarn isn't out yet but will be soon and I am here to tell you it is a joy to work with. This will be a lacy shawl after it is blocked, even though it looks like beige spaghetti now. I just have the end trims to put on, then I can block it and ship it, and more importantly cross it off my to-do list.

Our one nice beach day - the first morning we were there. You probably can't see it because I was too lazy to get my butt up off the towel and take a closer picture, but bobbing out there is a large rectangular yellow bouy. Every parent and child on the beach pointed to it and yelled "Look, Sponge Bob!"

Back to the old grind now - I have a book to write, 15 patterns to make models of and write out, and a few magazine assignments kicking around too. Not that I am unhappy to have paying work - that is not a problem. It's just that I still have a little post-vaca relaxation left and I would love to procrastinate for another week!

Next post will be alpaca-heavy - I met a bunch of fellow Knittyboarders over the weekend and managed to snag a few good pix of the shaggy cuties. The alpacas, not the Knittyboarders, who by and large weren't shaggy. But they did say I didn't post enough - the Knittyboarders, not the alpacas, were were largely less talkative.

OOOOOOOH - I forgot to tell you. I was a guest of the lovely Julie from the PassioKnit Podcast at Stitches Midwest a few weeks back, and she has posted our interview. We had a wonderful time chatting away, so please go check it out!

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