Friday, July 27, 2007

A visit from BB

BB is used to being furry and warm despite the 90 degree temperatures here this week, so she had no issues wearing this wooly scarf made from Noro Transitions.

Like the pattern? The PDF is yours free when you sign up for my new (as in I haven't finished writing the first issue yet) free monthly knitting and crochet newsletter. Click on over to and sign up under BB's photo, if you wish. The first issue will be out in August.

At least I have finally finished knitting something I can actually show you! Still working on the Surf socks for the kid, the crocheted shawl for a yarn company, and some swatches for yet another yarn company. And writing, of course, cruising right along on the log home book.

I was recently profiled on a writer's blog - check out the interview at K.C.'s Write for You if you are so inclined. A lot of people asked me about how I got the deal for the knitting book - some of the information is here.

I guess that's it for bits and bobs of information today - enjoy your weekend, all!

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Nichole said...

Cool beans on the newsletter - can't wait! I just signed up!