Saturday, July 07, 2007

Sometimes you get lucky and the large throw project gets finished BEFORE the heat wave hits! This is my most recent pattern for Caron - a crocheted throw in Simply Soft and Simply Soft Heather.

Thankfully they liked it and have asked for a matching pillow. Well, actually a coordinating pillow - rather than do the small squares I did for the throw they would like a large square - the basic square on steroids. Making the pillow wasn't a big deal, writing the pattern is making my head ache. Thankfully I have a bit of help on that front in the form of my CGOA mentor.

In book news - I put up a web site just for Secret Language so that the blog doesn't start to look like a long form advertisement. Click over to Secret Language of Knitters for excerpts, reviews as they are published, and my tour schedule.

Next week New Hampshire - anyone else?


Diane said...

I'm afraid I'm addicted to afghans and being in Texas I know what you mean "before the heat wave hits". Unfortunately that's quite a bit of the year here so I just keep the ceiling fan on high in addition to the air and then hide the electric bill from my husband-LOL!

BTW- I just started a crochet blog and was looking for other blogs to link to and I found your blog address in a Family Circle Easy Crochet magazine at the end of a column you'd written- (great column!) and for future reference I thought you might like to know that they have it wrong! They have it as Alpaca.Addict. I got a 404 page so I tried it without the period between and sure enough- here you are!

Nichole said...

Hey there... it was great to meet you on Saturday at the show! I was so happy to find your blog... make sure you check out mine for some pictures!! ;-)

Amie said...

That's right. Click over and buy 10 copies of that book because Mary Beth has children to feed.