Thursday, July 26, 2007

Felting follies

Here is the most recent muppet pelt purse - once again in Cascade 220 with whatever eyelash was on sale, from the pattern in the book Pursenalities. Once again a very pleased recipient - not the Kid this time but a good friends of hers who was celebrating a birthday.

Not much to say today - I hate the hot weather and it is sweltering here, although I think the poor fuury beast known as Cameron T Bunny has it worse than I do. We gave him a fan and some frozen soda bottles to cool off with but he is turning into vampire bunny - much more active when the sun goes down (I suppose because it drops 20 degrees!)

I am crocheting away on a shawl for a yarn company, but I can't show you that until it releases in September. (ahhhhh September, when it hopefully won't be 90 degrees).

Speaking of September - did I mention I am going to be on a knitting cruise on the Hudson River that leaves from Newburgh NY? I thought not. September 23 from 2 - 5 - more info at Cornwall Yarn Shop I missed this even last year and can't way to go this year.

Caught Hairspray the movie last night. Maybe I am biased by my Broadway roots but I liked the play much more than I liked the movie, although the movie wasn't half bad. I didn't get why they changed what they changed (and cut my favorite song - Mama, I'm A Big Girl Now!). I did love that John Waters had a cameo as the flasher in the opening montage. And Nikki Blonsky rocked - she had a much sweeter tone than the B'Way Tracy's have had.

Off to do some telephone interviews for an article, then to sit in front of the fan and drink ice water for a while!

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Kelli said...

Oh, you should try freezing a banana and slicing off a half inch section for him to enjoy each day. It's good for him and while it's frozen, it keeps the banana goo from getting all over his coat. :) (PS, leave the peel on too)