Monday, July 16, 2007


So since it was 1200 degrees last week, the thing the Kid absolutely wanted to do was go blueberry picking in the hot sun. She doesn't actually eat blueberries, mind you, she just wanted to pick them. So I thought no big deal, we will just whomp some berries in the pint boxes and be out of there in no time. City girl that I am, I didn't realize that they weren't all ripe at the same time and you actually had to look and see what you were doing! But it was fun (if sweaty) and I made the middle sister come along to share the torture.
I am always jealous of garden pictures at this time of year when I have a brown thumb, so you can just pretend I had something positive to do with all of this green-ness. Then I shipped off at the last minute the "geez can you make a pillow to go with that throw?" pillow. I like it - it is the basic square from the Raised Flowers Throw on steroids. The funny thing was that I had already handed down the leftover yarn from the throw before I got the phone call asking for the pillow, so I had to beg my friend DC to give it back! I didn't use much though, and I will re-give it to her sometime this week. Along with some other yarns and goodies - I made a random drop in at an outlet store in MA that I haven't been in in years and found knitting needles at 3/$1.00. That is not a typo, three needles for one buck. DC is a new knitter and stash deprived, so I loaded up a big bag of goodies to bring home for her.

I also spent some time at The Knit and Crochet Show in New Hampshire - but I am still sleeping off the willpower needed to not fill the entire van with Habu yarns so I will blog about that later in the week. Off to knit socks from stash yarn and wallow in my virtue.


Spinneret said...

Don't worry, you haven't missed anything. I'll take you to Habu directly. After lunch. It's just down the street. Consider it a return favor after last summer's bamboo episode.

Nichole said...

Habu is kinda like crack from us knit folk, no??

Pirk said...

Hi, I added another picture of the girls. This is from the back.