Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Because we have been bunny-free for so long..

A photo of Cameron T. - looking like a demon bunny with his red eyes. He has had a summer haircut (not that you can really tell, but believe me he has!), and is somewhat lighter in color than he was when I got him. He would really like something interesting in that bowl now, really, he would. He has become addicted to Wacky Wabbit rabbit cookies and it is pretty funny to watch him eat them. He immediately scurries as far away as he can (in case I should change my mind and want it back I suppose) then he peels the dried fruit off the top and eats that, then he eats the rest of the seeded cookie. Kind of like kids with Oreos that have to lick the insides out first.

We saw Cameron's alter ego at a local carousel last weekend - the carousel at Bear Mountain Lake in New York has beautiful animals in addition to horses - rabbits, lions, bears (of course), foxes, etc. Love that carousel.
No knitting to speak of - I have finished a gift for someone but she reads the blog so you can't see that until next week. And I have been working on the last few projects for Caron Yarns, and a dress for the kid to model in the Knit and Crochet Show fashion show next weekend in New Hampshire. Busy, but not visually appealing.
And guess what? is shipping the book now! I haven't seen it in the wild yet (like a local book store) but those of you who pre-ordered (for which I thank you) should be getting your copies any minute. Book signings start next week, and I swear that one of these hours I will get around to posting a schedule.
Happy 4th, happy knitting!

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Spinneret said...

You will sign mine at lunch. When? Where?