Friday, June 15, 2007

The reluctant model

No really, I am too shy, I don't want to pose for a photo for the blog... I mean it, go away!
Oh, you have a treat? Well, Okay, just this once. (the shame, I am so easy!)
Sweater is crocheted in Simply Soft Brites by Caron Yarns, and the pattern will be available soon. I added the purple crab sticth to the sides and back of the sweater after this photo was taken, so those of you who prefer symmetry have been appeased.

Back in the saddle again after recovering from TNNA and finishing a poo-load of projects.

Didja miss me?


Anonymous said...

Missed you lots! Greeting from LuLu (in CO) to the Puppy. She looks FAB in her new sweater! - Rina

Nichole said...

SO cute!!!!! I knew you were awesome... you're a dog mom too! lol