Thursday, June 21, 2007

On being a switch hitter :-)

I just want to say that fiber-ly speaking, I play both sides of the field. I love to knit, I love to crochet, and I love to do both in same project (although as a designer that can often limit the markets to which I can sell the pattern). Many folks, however, seem to think that one should knit or crochet but not both - there are those who associate strongly and emotionally with one technique or the other and view the "other" side with suspicion. Which I don't exactly get, although I have seen over and over that this mutual distrust does in fact happen in the real world. So here I was at TNNA, happily moving back and forth between promoting my knitting book and hanging out with my crochet posse of friends, a victim (sigh!) of divided loyalties.

So this was the look of my right arm when I was doing the knit thang - temporary tattoo gleefully provided by the lovely Gina at Alchemy Yarns.
And here is my right arm when hanging with my crochet pals - knitting tattoo covered by this terrycloth band from How convenient that I had both goodies to play with, yes? I suppose if I had really wanted to make a statement I would have worn both at the same for thought.

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