Wednesday, May 02, 2007

We're baaaaack!

The Kid and I have almost recovered from ten days of crazy. I did the ASJA conference for three days, then we both went on a book tour of Indiana for five days, then we flew home, grabbed the car and headed south for an overnight before a dance competition in Pennsylvania. At which she won two second place trophies despite being moved up a level and being more than a little sleep deprived. Not that I am bragging on her or anything.

Here is what I was knitting. This furry beast of a bobble scarf has grown to seven feet now and is warm and snuggly if I do say so myself. I am just about to put it in a box and send it off to Caron, who will take it to the CHA show in July. The color is Sour Apple, the yarn is Caron Bliss, and the real color is probably about halfway between the two shots! Note the knitting needle held in my teeth in the first photo. This must mean I am a serious designer. Try not to note the mess in the office behind me! Working on a cabled hat now, I thought it was a good idea to get the seven feet of warm finished before the temperature here got too much higher!

Thinking seriously about whether to go to Maryland Sheep and Wool on Sunday or not. The kid has another dance competition on Saturday ('tis the season), but we could continue south, stay at Middle Sister's house on Saturday night, then go down first thing Sunday morning. I had a great time there last year, although gas costing close to $3 gallon will seriously cut into my yarn budget.

Anyway that's all the news that's fit to print right now. I hope to have more goodies to show by the end of the week.


Spinneret said...

It's your Show Girl bevel in the first shot that really finishes the line.

Theresa said...

The gas is really killing it, isn't it? Not to mention that everyone has increased their shipping charges . . .

Layna said...

beautiful scarf.
do you know what happened to Caron Bliss Apple Green Yarn? i can't find it anywhere.
plus i am knitting slippers, and only had 1 done before i ran out!!!
my foot is cold.
help me please....