Thursday, March 29, 2007

A visit from a new blog-beast

The kid indulged in her obsession with stuffed animals over the weekend - and Peeko Uglydoll was brought home and added to the extended family. Thankfully he turned out to be quite helpful. The kid, the middle sister and I were making up a basket of crafts supplies as a donation for a fundraiser, and Peeko decided to help.

Although I suppose laying in the basket at first wasn't particularly helpful, it was kind of cute.

Then he gathered up the paper flowers for decoration.

And here he is admiring the finished basket!

There were 38 baskets donated, and thousands of dollars were raised for expenses for the eight young men and women from the kid's step dancing school that are on their way to the World finals in Glasgow tomorrow. Good luck to all!

Not much knitting time here at Chez Edits-a-lot. But The Secret Language of Knitters has left my hands for what is allegedly the last time before I see it bound.

Did I mention I am going to go to TNNA in June to give away copies of the book? Did I tell you this was my idea, and I was so happy that the PR department thought it was a good one and offered me a ton of support? So should I tell you know that I am in a cold sweat panic about unveiling my masterpiece in front of 10,000 of my closest fibery friends? Nothing like a little pressure to make you decide that you can't write a coherent sentence and what was your agent thinking when she signed you? And what on Earth am I going to wear? AAAARRRRGGGHHHH!

If you are going to TNNA and have a shred of compassion in your heart, please say hello if I haven't already melted in a puddle on the floor.

Thank you.

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