Wednesday, March 07, 2007

And a good weekend was had by all!

The kid had a bit of dancing to do this past week - her private lesson with the dance coach on Thursday, the grammar school multi-culti night on Friday (which entire event I got to stage manage - yippedee doo dah SO glad that's over with!) a feis on Saturday (4 events) a feis on Sunday (4 events) a personal appearance at a senior citizen's home Monday, dance class Tuesday. And for those who asked, the plural of feis is feisanna (fesh and fesh-ahnna for you Gaelic-impaired readers).

As you might see in the photo - Ms. Kid had feet of flames of her own and walked away with seven trophies - one first (in prizewinner for those who are keeping score of her run up to the Oireachtas- WAA-HOOOO), five seconds (novice and PW) and one third (PW). This is a pretty big freaking deal, guys. Three of the five second place finishes were off of first place by one half of one point. That's .5 out of 100. She danced very well - better than she ever has. The dog, as you might see, wasn't that impressed.

We are both in a coma, but wow, she done good. I also got a hairpiece lesson on Saturday in an effort to not snatch her bald by the time the season is over - she has a lot of hair and it is tough to stuff it all under the wig. And since the new wig was over $100, it seemed like a good idea to let a professional give me some pointers.

Then I finished the soapstone book I have been whining about for the last year - as in finished, downloaded onto CD-ROM and sent off to the publisher. Then I found out I was accepted into ASJA - the American Society of Journalists and Authors, which totally made me jump up and down with joy. It is a membership group for professional writers, and I am planning on attending the annual conference in NYC in April. I was hoping to qualify for the members only day, and now I did.

Then, my body noticed I had half a day off and completely freaked out - I have a wicked cold and can't stop sneezing. But three more articles and I can actually schedule a day off. A real day off - a whole day off. It's been a good week and it's only halfway over.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Champ!!!!! - Rina

Spinneret said...

Ha HA! The Retrograde is lifting! Congrats on the journalism membership. Awesome. Congrats to The Kid on the trophies. Did she get to see the ocean?