Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The princess is feeling much better now, thanks!

Cinderella Puppy is reclining on her favorite pillow, resting up from all the taking of the evil pills. She hate hates hates the pills. And then she hates them some more. But her very expensive X-Rays are showing that more very expensive X-Rays will be needed soon, but also that her lungs are improving. So she has to take her pills whether she likes it or not. Because I hate hate hate paying for the very expensive X-Rays so she has to get all the way better.

If you look closely, you will see that she is wearing a tiara. The Kid and I were at a feis over the weekend and noticed that one of the clever vendors was selling teeny tiaras and marketing them as being the right size for that very expensive line of 18" tall historically themed dolls whose parent company will sue you into the next millenium for mentioning their name. Let's just say U.S. Young Female. So since the Kid's U.S. Young Female already has a step dancing costume (complete with poodle socks and ghillies - how cool is that?), we decided she needs a tiara as well. Of course when we got it home we ran around putting the tiara on anything vaguely approximating the right size, and of course it looked best on the Princess Puppy. I want to put it on Cameron T. Bunny. The Kid thinks this might not be such a hot idea. I will try it soon, I promise!

The furry beast bag, before and after felting. Note the Kid's way cool PJs - they have sock monkeys cavorting on them.

Hurrah for mindless knitting!

The beast bag after and before felting, because Blogger is not letting me arrange the pictures the way I want to and I don't have enough brain cells to argue with it. The Kid is going to go through her button stash and pick out some buttons for the flap, but that is all that remains to be finished. I like finished. I wish some of my paying work was finished. It will be soon - I am very close to wrapping up four different projects. But I have to do the bits as I am able, so I can't finish one and move on to the next like normal people.

I am also stage managing the International Night performance for the Kid's grammar school on Friday. This is her last grammar school year and she didn't want to miss out on dancing, so I wound up running the performance so as to make sure it happened. I could be delusional but I think it is going to be a lot of fun - we have dances from Korea, Africa, Ireland (duh!) and Israel, a group of kindergarteners wearing the colors of the French flag and singing Freres Jacques in a round (!), and an orchestral presentation. And a video. And a group of very small children salsa dancing. Yes, it is definitely going to be a good night. And even better, tech rehearsals are over!

Wish me luck - will report back after Friday night's gala event!


Mary Lynn said...

I'm glad HRH is feeling better.

Way back when I was young, my sibs and I did Irish Step Dancing and spent many, many hours at many, many Feis (is there a plural for Feis?). None of our friends understood the concept of spending Saturdays (and then closer to the season, evenings), dancing and dancing or the wood that my Dad put in the garage for practice. Gosh I miss those days.

Mary Lynn said...

Oops, I got caught up in the Feis talk . . . I love your daughter's purse. Very nice and its a great color.

Anonymous said...

Yay!!! Cindy Puppy looks beautiful!!!!! So glad she's back to her old self. - Rina