Sunday, February 18, 2007

Okay, I am home, but I am still pitiful...

Miss Cinderella Puppy made it home from the hospital, three days and $4200 later. Getting that bill almost put ME in the hospital.
Now we get to try to trick her into taking a zillion pills a day. Because she hasn't got much of an appetite at the moment, our old standby of hiding pills in cream cheese isn't really working - she just isn't hungry for much of anything.
But she is feeling a bit better every day - she even mustered enough indignation to woof at the neighbor's dog yesterday when he had the temerity to put a paw on our lawn!
Thanks for all the canine well wishes - they are much appreciated by both of us.
Now, back to work!


Anonymous said...

Yay! Puppy on the mend!!! I'm so glad she's feeling better. Lots of good wishes coming from the kitties and me!! - Rina

Donna said...

I'm so glad the puppy princess is home! I hope she'll be feeling 100% herself very soon.

Spinneret said...

Weee, poor little thing. And now the vet can name a wing after her in the hospital. yipes.