Monday, February 05, 2007

The beast, she is finished...

And in a feat of excellent timing, the yarn fairy came too!
20 skeins of SWTC Karaoke that is crying out to be a sweater for me, despite the fact that the Kid already tried to call dibs. "But no" I cried "this yarn is mine all mine!!!" Not that I know what it wants to be just yet, but it is begging to be cast on soon. I am at least trying to finish up the Kid's leg warmers before I get sucked in by the blue/green loveliness, but I am but a weak vessel and it might not happen.

The stripy beast is finished, may it rest in peace. I have to find a box to ship it in and then it will be on its way to be photographed for a book. Turns out I do not suck at math as much as I thought I did, and did not require the emergency extra yarn shipment I requested in a panic about halfway through the project. But the fact that it was here allowed me to sleep at night so all was not lost. If I hadn't ordered more yarn, more than likely I would have wound up about ten yards short, right?

No step dancing news this weekend as the poor Kid got the stomach virus from hell which lasted for days. She didn't even get to school today, but she will tomorrow. I won't go into horrific details except to mention as a side note that it is a good thing for the parent to remember that they fed the child red Gatorade so that when it comes back up later in the day no one shrieks "Ewwwww, blood!" Really, she is much better now, and knock wood REALLY HARD, I didn't get it.

Speaking of wood - back to loggie land.

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