Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The princess is feeling much better now, thanks!

Cinderella Puppy is reclining on her favorite pillow, resting up from all the taking of the evil pills. She hate hates hates the pills. And then she hates them some more. But her very expensive X-Rays are showing that more very expensive X-Rays will be needed soon, but also that her lungs are improving. So she has to take her pills whether she likes it or not. Because I hate hate hate paying for the very expensive X-Rays so she has to get all the way better.

If you look closely, you will see that she is wearing a tiara. The Kid and I were at a feis over the weekend and noticed that one of the clever vendors was selling teeny tiaras and marketing them as being the right size for that very expensive line of 18" tall historically themed dolls whose parent company will sue you into the next millenium for mentioning their name. Let's just say U.S. Young Female. So since the Kid's U.S. Young Female already has a step dancing costume (complete with poodle socks and ghillies - how cool is that?), we decided she needs a tiara as well. Of course when we got it home we ran around putting the tiara on anything vaguely approximating the right size, and of course it looked best on the Princess Puppy. I want to put it on Cameron T. Bunny. The Kid thinks this might not be such a hot idea. I will try it soon, I promise!

The furry beast bag, before and after felting. Note the Kid's way cool PJs - they have sock monkeys cavorting on them.

Hurrah for mindless knitting!

The beast bag after and before felting, because Blogger is not letting me arrange the pictures the way I want to and I don't have enough brain cells to argue with it. The Kid is going to go through her button stash and pick out some buttons for the flap, but that is all that remains to be finished. I like finished. I wish some of my paying work was finished. It will be soon - I am very close to wrapping up four different projects. But I have to do the bits as I am able, so I can't finish one and move on to the next like normal people.

I am also stage managing the International Night performance for the Kid's grammar school on Friday. This is her last grammar school year and she didn't want to miss out on dancing, so I wound up running the performance so as to make sure it happened. I could be delusional but I think it is going to be a lot of fun - we have dances from Korea, Africa, Ireland (duh!) and Israel, a group of kindergarteners wearing the colors of the French flag and singing Freres Jacques in a round (!), and an orchestral presentation. And a video. And a group of very small children salsa dancing. Yes, it is definitely going to be a good night. And even better, tech rehearsals are over!

Wish me luck - will report back after Friday night's gala event!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

No greater love....

While I have to admit that I dislike novelty yarns in the strongest possible way, I love my Kid, and SHE loves novelty yarns with a great and enduring love. Especially if they are shiny, furry, purple, or pink. So when we discovered a new to us LYS (Knit-a-Bit in Westfield, NJ - two thumbs up!) and they had Tahki Casca in the clearance room at 80% off - well, what else could we do?
Herewith - the Casca with two strands of Cascade 220, soon to be the Spring Fling Bag from Pursenalities, by Eva Wiechmann.
Luckily, it is stockinette in the round on size 15 needles, so I expect to be finished with the knitting sometime very soon, then we can get to the part I like - the felting. I love to felt stuff.
Cinderella Puppy is feeling a bit better, she is eating again and has enough energy to try to fight off the stupid pills we have to give her almost constantly. She will go to the vet tomorrow for a follow up X ray and hopefully I can get them to change her meds to a pill that is not larger than her head. Which might help.
Did I hear someone ask about the knitting book? I got the dreaded email last week - all you writers know the one - "Sales doesn't love the title" Sigh.... So after much backing and forthing and brainstorming and consulting, the knitting book has a new title, number four for those of you who are keeping track. I give you:
The Secret Language Of Knitters
So I had to whip off a new introduction and fit the old intro into the body of the book (Hell, I wasn't going to waste 350 perfectly good words!), and finish up a few revisions/additions requested by the editor. I am delighted to report that I got all of that finished last night at the Starbucks in Westfield (my new adjunct office - the Kid has started taking extra dance classes near there) and hit send.
Speaking of books - for all of you Hoosier readers, I will be touring Indiana doing some publicity for Driving the National Road in Indian from April 23 - 28th. Anyone know any great yarn stores not too far from Rt. 40???

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Okay, I am home, but I am still pitiful...

Miss Cinderella Puppy made it home from the hospital, three days and $4200 later. Getting that bill almost put ME in the hospital.
Now we get to try to trick her into taking a zillion pills a day. Because she hasn't got much of an appetite at the moment, our old standby of hiding pills in cream cheese isn't really working - she just isn't hungry for much of anything.
But she is feeling a bit better every day - she even mustered enough indignation to woof at the neighbor's dog yesterday when he had the temerity to put a paw on our lawn!
Thanks for all the canine well wishes - they are much appreciated by both of us.
Now, back to work!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A quickie post - my poor doggie is sick

Hey all,

Just a quickie - my poor little doggie, Miss Cinderella Puppy, is very ill - she has fluid in her lungs. The vets are thinking pneumonia (which is better than any fatal alternatives), she has been in and out of the veterinary ER since Sunday night.

The doctor alleges that she is getting better but she is still having a tougt time breathing without oxygen so they are going to keep her another night. I hope to have her back in my arms tomorrow (Wednesday) night. I am going nuts and the Kid is too, as you might expect.

Keep a good thought for my four-legged girl please, will blog later in the week when I feel less like I am having a nervous breakdown with the dog and the deadlines.


Friday, February 09, 2007

I envy my dog.

Here is Cinderella, doing what she does most of the day, which is try to keep her nose warm, trying to steal the big comfy pillow, and napping.
I want to be her in my next life.
I would kill for a nap.
Other than that - finally some progress on the knitting front. I finished the Kid's first leg warmer and cast on the second one. Off to see the family this weekend so I suspect much knitting will be done. I have a ton of writing assignments to finish up, some book revisions to do, and my house looks like a whirlwind hit it.
Not much else to report - maybe something interesting will happen over the weekend!

Monday, February 05, 2007

The beast, she is finished...

And in a feat of excellent timing, the yarn fairy came too!
20 skeins of SWTC Karaoke that is crying out to be a sweater for me, despite the fact that the Kid already tried to call dibs. "But no" I cried "this yarn is mine all mine!!!" Not that I know what it wants to be just yet, but it is begging to be cast on soon. I am at least trying to finish up the Kid's leg warmers before I get sucked in by the blue/green loveliness, but I am but a weak vessel and it might not happen.

The stripy beast is finished, may it rest in peace. I have to find a box to ship it in and then it will be on its way to be photographed for a book. Turns out I do not suck at math as much as I thought I did, and did not require the emergency extra yarn shipment I requested in a panic about halfway through the project. But the fact that it was here allowed me to sleep at night so all was not lost. If I hadn't ordered more yarn, more than likely I would have wound up about ten yards short, right?

No step dancing news this weekend as the poor Kid got the stomach virus from hell which lasted for days. She didn't even get to school today, but she will tomorrow. I won't go into horrific details except to mention as a side note that it is a good thing for the parent to remember that they fed the child red Gatorade so that when it comes back up later in the day no one shrieks "Ewwwww, blood!" Really, she is much better now, and knock wood REALLY HARD, I didn't get it.

Speaking of wood - back to loggie land.

Friday, February 02, 2007

In which Cameron T. proves his usefulness... helping the Kid with her homework. Note how he stares at the screen, hoping to find the exact piece of information that she needs. Isn't he a helpful bun?

If only he had opposable thumbs and could type - she would REALLY be happy if someone else typed up her homework.

The Kid and I are off to scenic Connecticut this weekend so she can dance her feet off once again. She needs a 1st in Novice Slip Jig to complete her strategic plan for the month. Cross your fingers for her, please.

Then we have the non-furry beast -
The WIP that will never end. I am clearly much worse at math than I thought, or this project and I feel into some sort of wormhole, because I crochet and crochet and crochet and crochet, and it still isn't finished.

Actually, it is getting closer. I need to figure out the edging and finish writing the pattern.

Then the Kid would really like it if I went back to knitting her leg warmers, so that they might conceivably be finished during a month in which she might actually be able to wear them.

I would really like to go back to working on the Highland Shawl from Folks Shawls that I started before Christmas. The center section is almost finished, and then I can pick cast on 300 or so stitches and start the next section.

Work progresses, I fall behind in planning class homework - the usual in the land of freelance employment.

Back to work...