Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Not dead yet....

But more than halfway buried in book deadlines. I have a meeting on the soapstone book tomorrow, and the first draft of the knitting book is due on 1/15.

I do have some photos to share with you guys, but I am not going to have time to post them until the weekend - sorry!

But for a quick laugh - I belong to a group for magazine writers. Sometimes when one of us needs an expert to interview for a story we ask the group for recommendations. Yesterday, someone asked for a list of fiber experts so I promptly said "I can help you with that, do you need knitters, spinners, crocheters or textile folks?" I was so happy I could help someone out - this group has been a real help to my career in the last year or so. So what kind of expert was she looking for? Dietary fiber - roughage and the like. Oops. I hear fiber, I think merino, but apparently most others hear fiber and think broccoli. Oh well, the woman thanked me very politely for me offer of help, and those of us who are knitters giggled about it privately off-list!

Photos this weekend if I live through tomorrow's meeting. Think writerly thoughts for me you guys.

Happy 2007!


Norma said...

OH, the story about the fiber question is excellent. !!!!!

KnitterBunny said...

Write faster! lol Ok, write intelligently and we'll forgive the speed. Can't wait to see what you're churning out. I'm still hunting for that Indiana book. You'd think I could find a book about Indiana in Indiana. :)