Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Cruising right along

Some writing, some knitting, some writing about knitting, clean the bunny cage. That is pretty much what life is like at the moment, and you will hear no complaints from me - that's just how I like it (except for the cleaning the bunny cage part). Here is a quicky scarf I made for Dulaan out of some Cherry Tree Hill Potluck Bulky that I got in one of the grab bags I bought last year around this time. It was bugging me that some of that yarn was still sitting around unused, and I needed some knitting that was a little more portable and required a few less brain cells than the other projects I am working on. This is the single cable scarf pattern from One Skein, knit on size 11 needles because I couldn't find any 10s. I am not exactly sure if this is finished or not. I could block it to be much wider, but then the fabric will be a little bit open so far as keeping out sub zero temperatures goes. I could felt it a bit, but then I worry that it will get too narrow. Or I could just leave it alone - the ribbing in the pattern makes it draw in and while it is still a bit open, the scarf as a whole is thick and cushy and warm. Laziness leads me towards choice 3, but feel free to convince me otherwise in the comments. One of my Christmas presents was Knit 2 Together by Mel Clark and Tracy Ullman. LOVE this book, it has many patterns I want to make, and I have always enjoyed Ullman's sense of humor. The Kid was paging through it shortly after I got it and her little eyes lit up when she saw this pattern - Novella Socks. In the book, these have heels (although no toes) but I am going to just rib the bottom bit a little and they will be leg warmers. Leg warmers, you say? Surely step dancing season hasn't begun again already? Sadly, it has - first feis is this Sunday. The break was fun while it lasted, but here we go again. It won't be as hectic as it was in the fall, thank goodness, because she is not training for any specific big event, just trying to win enough that she can keep moving up the food chain.
Ruffles and bobbles and cables, what's not to like about this pattern?

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