Tuesday, December 05, 2006

First crochet pattern in the wild!

This is one of the last patterns that I sold this summer (when I still had time to swatch!) but the first one to make it into print. I love the vagaries of publishing, really I do.

This pattern was done for Plymouth Yarn, in their new raw silk yarn called Shire. The pattern is a stand alone leaflet, and is available at yarn stores than carry the yarn (and I hear a rumor it will also show up in a magazine next year, but I don't know which one or when!). It is done in an overall shell pattern, with scalloped trim on the hem, sleeve hems and neckline. It worked up very quickly, and I liked the yarn quite a bit. I also think they did a lovely job at the photo shoot - isn't that a nice photo?

I have been working away on the socks for SWTC but can't figure out where I put the digital camera, so you will have to wait another day or two for photographic evidence.

And Bunny Boy has been hanging out inside this week - we had a wicked storm on Friday night with high winds and lots of scary noises, so we brought him in off the porch. He is currently holding court in the kitchen - which would be fine if I didn't want to use my back door or the first floor powder room....

Off to work on the knitting book. I had a long drive back from visiting family on Sunday and started figuring out how much time I had left to write how many words. I was feeling pretty okay about things (although I am not as far along as I would have liked) until I started figuring in the log home book. Now I am in a dead bloody panic. So I have switched to decaf and am going to soldier on and not look at the calendar.


Roberta Adams said...

Hey, Marybeth! It was great fun to share a meal with you and Katie today. Thank you so much for all the free advice about freelancing. I really do appreciate it. I look forward to seeing the links you mentioned.

Hope your holidays are fun and prosperous!

Let's keep in touch.

Roberta Radams6532@verizon.net

~drew emborsky~ said...

Congrats! The top is amazing!!

Norma said...

Very cute! congratulations.

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Hey there. The pattern looks great. Admittedly, I am also glad Cameron is inside. He sounds like he is lonely by himself given that bunnies are social creatures by nature. Not sure if you knew but rabbits can be litterbox trained like cats using wodd stove pellets.

Vera H. said...


I'm currently working on the pattern and have a question. Please e-mail me.