Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Yay for the minivan - we're back!

And just in the nick of time, because I totally forgot today was the day to pick up Girl Scout cookies. So whipped over to the Elks club (which graciously lets us sort our twelve million calories worth of cookies in their building) to pick these up. And a few more....
The Kid sold a lot of cookies. These aren't actually all her sales, but more than half of them are. She has learned to bat her eyelashes and toss her blonde hair and look beguiling at unsuspecting neighbors until they are positively strong armed into plunking down $3.50 a box. Hee... I need to get these sorted out over the next few days so they get to the person who ordered them, but after 5 years in Girl Scouts we are a pretty well oiled cookie machine.

The Kid also had a stellar weekend dance-wise - she competed in 10 events over two days and walked out with a 1st place finish (the first time she ever outright won one of these things and she is deliriously happy) a 2nd and two 3rds. Now we have to live through her team event at the Oireachtas the day after Thanksgiving, and the season is over. Amen.

The van broke down on the way home from her second competition - thankfully we were close enough to my parent's house that we just went there. This is the same fried alternator crap that I went through 6 or so weeks ago when I nearly crashed. So I had AAA tow it to the dealer and told them they HAD to make this never happen again, as it was getting really old, expensive and frightening as hell. The good news is it is supposed to be completely repaired. The bad news is I had to stay at my parents a few extra days waiting for the needed parts to come in. I love my parents, really I do, but I don't actually want to live with them anymore, ever. The Kid got to ditch school on Monday which she loved, but made it back for yesterday. I didn't get home until last night.

To anwer comment questions - no I am not going to Neiman this year, although I wish I was.

Yes, my daughter wears the awful poodle/tight curl hair style when she competes, but I am no dummy and bought her a full wig a year ago. That curling iron thing got real old, real fast.

And about the new sock yarn - I came home to an apologetic email saying the box hadn't been mailed yet, but I am hopeful it will be here soon. I PROMISE pictures, really I do!

Back to sorting cookies.... at least I get to eat some.

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