Monday, November 20, 2006

Is step dancing season over yet?

How about now? I love the Kid, I really do, but I am SO sick of driving to competitions and classes, and doing alterations on all of her friends dresses as well as her new one, that my head is spinning. Regional finals this Friday, then things will calm down until next February or March. Amen. To distract you from my whining, some glove photos.
This is one of Sandi Rosner's patterns from Not Just Socks. Worked in Baby Ull that I got in a swap, on size 0 needles. In the interest of getting a custom fit, I have been trying the glove on as I have been working on the fingers. I looked like this....
at a feis last week and got some pretty odd looks. Wasn't there a horror movie with a character called Pinhead? Meet PinHand!

The first glove is actually all finished now, but I have been procrastinating about casting on the second one. It can't be SSS if it isn't a sock, right? Maybe tomorrow at dance class.

Speaking of classes, I joined Curves last Friday. It is a little happy, peppy, way too many strangers talking to me, but I stopped practicing yoga a while ago when my favorite studio closed, and with all the time I spend in front of the keyboard I need to get my lard-ass up and moving and this seemed the least time-consuming option. It is sort of like going to a Tupperware party with exercise thrown in. I hope I grow to love it. Or I hope I go down a jeans size and get over myself...

Because I am completely insane, I started a lace project. I have been avoiding the whole lace thing for a while, but a 25% off coupon at Borders combined with a 5,000 yard cone of Zephyr laceweight calling to me from the stash, aided and abbetted by a run in with Folk Shawls - and well I just couldn't help myself. I started the Highland Shawl from Folk Shawls. It is trying to beat me at its own game, but I am on to its tricks so far. But I will be relying pretty heavily on the magic of blocking if this thing is ever going to be wearable. I thought I was a pretty good knitter, but I can't believe the number of minor mistakes I have made already!

Knitting book cruising along. I finally got the Indiana book file ready to email to the company that is going to print it, only to discover that it is way too big for the relevant URL, and I crashed their server. Oops... Hopefully I can get that resolved way soon, because I would love for that to be out for holiday giving.

Still nothing on the design front. Sigh.... I have no time to swatch. And that sock yarn isn't here yet, which is going to make getting that done on deadline pretty frightening. Now that I think of it, I better go email them...

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